The Social Cyclist, Jason Beale, is a passionate cyclist and a loving owner of a rescue dog.  In his free time he competitively races road bikes. His Roadog rescue bulldog Burton is usually a  spectator.  In addition to cycling Jason works in the Film business and has worked on films from Avatar, Mission Impossible to Captain America.  During this journey he will be making a vlog style documentary to update donors while out on the road. You will also be able to follow our journey via his strava cycling page or youtube @ socialcyclist

Dr. Carley Saelinger is a board certified veterinary cardiologist in the heart of Los Angeles.  No matter the species, Dr. Carley loves healthy hearts. When Dr. Carley has free time from keeping pet's hearts healthy, you can find her doing the same for people.  She is passionate about fitness and is a certified Spin and Body Pump instructor.  Join Dr. Carley in the early morning keeping the human hearts of Los Angeles healthy in spin class before her veterinary cardiologist work by day for the pets of LA.   Please see her website: and for more information.